Explore Your Domain’s DNS Records

DNS Tools

Are you a webmaster or programmer and searching for a DNS toolbox? The online DNS tools by DNS Checker help solve DNS problems and resolve issues regarding a website’s DNS (Domain Name System) Records. The DNS records help to entertain incoming requests and point them to the correct server, which helps the server receive those requests and respond accordingly.

IP Tools

IP devices take care of your web-based IP-related issues. Whether it’s web-based What is my IP, IP Area Locater, IP WHOIS query, or an IPv6 WHOIS query, all IP-related apparatuses are here. Our IP apparatuses let you know your IP address. You can likewise find the IP area of any IPs and track the area of those IP addresses with our coordinated geo IP administrations. Our devices likewise check any entered IP for IP boycott check in enemy of spam data sets, which tells whether your IP or server IP is under a restriction from various administrations or not.

Dev Tools

Dev or Developer tools are built especially for website developers (working on website projects) to make their daily tasks easy and avoid the hassle of installing various software on the computer to perform minor tasks without installing software and wasting time setting them up. Whether it’s generating random passwords checking website HTTP headers, or the operating system of the website’s backend server, all is here to meet your needs.

Designer Tools

The designer tools are designed for web and graphic design professionals, especially helpful in converting one color system to another per their needs.

Webmasters Tools

Tools for webmasters help website owners and developers analyze their website performance regarding various analytics, whether it is checking your website’s page rank or Alexa rank or checking other online metrics related to any domain.

Network Tools

Network tools provide network-related services, and these services may include checking open ports, i.e., TCP & UDP ports scanning and OUI lookup, i.e., checking vendors of any device using its MAC address or an AS Number lookup, which tells you complete info about any ASN number, and many more tools regarding networking and networking parameters.


Cyber Security Tools

Network safety devices are planned to guarantee your sites are secure and fulfill worldwide security guidelines. It contains apparatuses for site security exams and recognizing any weaknesses in the site. It has turned into the need of time to routinely get a security well-being exam on your sites to keep away from any information misfortune or hacking and assaults.

Productivity Tools

Efficiency devices are for individuals who need to improve on their errands or smooth out their work process. Whether you need to produce or output a QR code, need to make sham information, or need to go create and approve a charge card number. Need to go for an opposite picture search, picture to message, or need to make a riddle utilizing the decay 13 decoder? DNS Checker offers a free rundown of devices to improve on the entirety of your undertakings.

Explore Your Domain’s DNS Records

Gaming Tools

Playing Minecraft game and want to redesign your Minecraft chat command or want to change the armor color your player uses. Then the Minecraft gaming tool by DNS Checker lets you do this by providing a list of Minecraft color and format codes to resign your chat and player.

Why DNS Checker?

DNS Checker gives a one-stop answer for all your site introductory arrangement needs or at whatever point you need to move your space to another server or facilitating. Our administration gives free queries in regards to your Area name framework records.

These DNS records are important to set up at whatever point you register another space or need to move your current area to another server on existing facilitating or new facilitating. These records, once entered and saved to your space are spread towards hundreds and thousands of DNS servers all over the planet.

Those DNS servers accumulate refreshed information at regular intervals to hours, contingent upon their TTL (Time to Live). Once refreshed by the DNS servers, the records naturally spread to clients utilizing those DNS servers. It relies upon the client which DNS server they need to use for their web organization.

Numerous worldwide DNS servers and other public DNS servers are accessible in the market that anybody can arrange inside their organization or PC gadgets.

DNS Checker likewise gives a bunch of a small bunch of DNS devices that assist you with dealing with your site’s space naming framework successfully. It gives a hearty Space Name The board toolset like

DNS Records Query
SPF Record Check
Area DNS Approval
Switch IP Query
CNAME Record Query
NS Record Query
MX Record Query
Actually look at Area DNS Wellbeing
DMARC Generator
Check DS Record
DKIM Checker
Which Devices Does DNS Checker Offer?
DNS Checker offers a wide assortment of devices connected with the site’s underlying arrangement, i.e., in the wake of enrolling another space or moving a current area to another server. With starting arrangement devices, we offer you a free DNS checking administration, which lets you know all the space name framework records that you have saved in your facilitating supplier interface against your area name.

We additionally offer devices connected with an IP Address. IP address implies web convention address which works with each organization demand sent or got from or into your PC. The IP instruments incorporate different IP queries, including checking WHOIS subtleties of an IP address, whether an IPv4 or IPv6 address. More IP apparatuses incorporate checking the IP Address alloted to you by the web access supplier. Assume you need to check the actual area of an IP address. All things considered, it is likewise conceivable with our IP area locater, which quickly checks the area of quite a few entered IP locations and pinpoints their area on a guide with the assistance of scope and longitude facilitates found from the different geo IP data sets against the entered IP address.

You can likewise follow any email shipper by sticking the wellspring of the email address with our free email source area apparatus for following the area of the first source of an email.

Our IP devices contain a boycott checker that finds entered IP Tends to in 50+ enemy of spam data sets to check whether it’s boycotted.

DNS Checker likewise offers an assortment of organization devices that helps network chairmen to make their organization secure and perform better administration. The apparatuses incorporate Port Scanner On the web, Macintosh Merchant Query, Macintosh Address Generator, and AS Number Query.

We likewise offer a bunch of instruments to upgrade your efficiency. These devices incorporate QR Code Generator and QR Scanner On the web. It likewise gives text-based devices like Notebook On the web, Words Counter, and Little Text Generator to assist you with your substance as an essayist. We additionally have BIMI Generator to show the brand’s logo inside an email inbox assuming the email is authentic.

DNS Checker likewise offers network protection devices that assist you with guaranteeing the wellbeing of your sites. These free internet based devices incorporate SSL Cert Checker, Secret word Encryption On the web, Online Secret key Generator, and Secret key Analyzer. These Network safety instruments are adequate to shield your site from unapproved access.

To wrap things up, DNS Checker likewise contains devices for Website admins, Originators, and Organization apparatuses. These apparatuses adhere to worldwide guidelines to furnish you with precise outcomes and data.

Besides, we are consistently endeavoring to foster new free internet based instruments for your straightforwardness.

How Do Our Devices Function?
We foster devices remembering the simplicity of clients. The DNS instruments inquiry servers to gather different information from various server farms around various corners of the world. The records, once assembled, are handled by applying different security checks and bug fixing to amend any mistakes in the information. Then, at that point, the last result is displayed to the client after inside information handling is finished.

For IP devices, we question the public IP WHOIS and geolocation administrations, and the information taken from them is handled from crude structure to coordinated information lumps to show in a legitimate organization.

We distinctly notice the public organizations and information for Organization Devices to give you your expected data.

Attempt our free internet based apparatuses to get your expected data.

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